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The Pet Connection has offered training and behavioral services for both cats and dogs since 1999.

We address basic training and socialization as well as challenges like resource guarding, handling issues, fearfulness, anxiety, and other aggressive behaviors. Few other local agencies are able to work with animals with the skill level needed to safely and adequately address these concerns.

As a community service, we provide classes and behavioral support to low-income individuals and sheltered/homeless pets at no charge. Our sanctuary in Beloit, Kansas provides Board & Train for dogs that need longer-term rehabilitation in a skilled, safe and predictable environment tailored to their specific needs.

Networking and promotion to solicit and screen potential adopters to find a match is a large part of the service we provide to sheltered/homeless pets. Adopters receive free behavioral support for the life of the animal. Our commitment doesn’t end when the class does.

Our skilled team approach, along with our commitment to your individual situation (even if you ultimately choose to rehome your pet) is top-rate. Your progress and your pet’s long-term quality of life is our primary focus. We want the best for you and your pet.

Do you share our love and passion for animals? Any support would be greatly appreciated, especially financial sponsorship for our “lifers” at the Sanctuary or in one of our skilled foster home. - These are the dogs and cats that live with us full-time, often for age and health reasons.

Pet Connection animals always have a place to come home to - that’s the difference between an animal trainer and an animal advocate.

Behaviorial Training & Socialization

Let the behavioral training team show you how to shape good behavior using positive association.

All classes are set up specifically for the pet in the class using desentization and counter conditioning to improve the behavior of the dog. We can help you and your pet manage difficult behaviors like:
  • Resource guarding
  • Reactivity or aggression towards people, other dogs, cats, etc.
  • Separation Anxiety
  • House Training
  • Barrier and leash agression
  • Other undesirable behaviors

Class Details:
$75.00 for the first assessment/consultation
$20.00 for each follow-up session
$125 for in-home training sessions
Scholarships and Payment Plans are available.
Class Length: Classes are private until dog is ready for group or partner classes

Upcoming Sessions:
By appointment
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