Virtual Sanctuary Pets

Melody Kelso

Director, Trainer, Animal Caretaker & Behavioral Team member

Melody is one of the original founders of The Pet Connection. She has been training dogs for over 20 years. After completing a 3 month internship with Anne Mackey in 1993, she completed a one year internship with Westwood Animal Hospital and was hired as one of the primary dog trainers for their clinic. She has trained in various animal hospitals and provided educational seminars for organizations including Animal Haven, Companion Animals, Johnson County Community College, Johnson County Mental Health, Longview Community College, and Ranchmart.

In 1996, she operated a day care, pet sitting, and dog training service for a little over a year before she closed the doors to become the executive director of Animal Haven. Through her work with Heart of America Humane Society, Abandoned Animal Rescue, Border Collie Rescue, and Animal Haven, she has fostered hundreds of dogs. Many dogs rescued by Melody are considered special needs and require work with aggression, separation anxiety, fears, basic training, deafness, blindness, and other medical or behavioral issues.

Training Philosophy: “I strive through everything to understand the pets. The pet is my client as I strive to improve their individual situation in as positive a way as possible.”