Virtual Sanctuary Pets

Our Services

The Pet Connection offers several services to help pets and pet owners:
  • Obedience Classes & Social Shaping
  • Rescuing & Rehoming
  • Pet Adoptions
  • Lost & Found Services

Obedience Classes and Social Training

Behavioral problems are the number one reason that people give up their pets. Usually the behavioral problem exhibited is typical of the species. People just do not have the knowledge to train their pets. We do private consultations for individuals who are having problems as well as offer low cost obedience classes.

Rescuing and Re-homing

The Pet Connection also realizes the importance of rescuing and re-homing animals. We also know that each year there will be more and more animals in need of homes. Therefore, we assist individuals and rescues with rescuing and re-homing strays and pets by utilizing our experience and network of contacts to help find a safe place for animals in need. We also assist with feral cat colonies.

Pet Adoptions

The Pet Connection provides adoption services for animals under their care, as well as hosting adoptions for other local rescues and shelters. We also utilize our extensive network in the rescue community to assist potential adopters with searching other rescues to find their ideal pet.