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Eloise is about 12 years old. We adopted her out about 11 years ago and her owner decided that she needed to return her because she was not using the litterbox and there life with kids and other pets had changed. She was an owner surrender from Manhattan. She had a urinary tract infection and a dull coat when she arrived. She reeked of urine and it took several weeks of antibiotics and litterbox training to get her back on track. She's amazing. She's a lap cat that LOVES the water, like a bengal. Will put her head under the faucet, and almost jump in the tub with me. She was given a slow intro to the other cats and dogs and it's going well now. She is afraid of new animals. She probably wasn't given enough time to be introduced in the past on top of being afraid. She is affectionate with everyone. She snuggles with some of the cats. She likes to be carried around, and uses her scratch post.

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