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Hello there! I’m Ember! I’m a homeless American Bulldog/Terrier type mix. And I’ve been looking for my forever human for way too long. I’ve heard it’s good to make lists and set goals for yourself. I’ve accomplished soooo many things while

I’ve been at The Pet Connection and my final goal is to find a home for winter. You could help me meet that goal! I’m a young girl, only 1 or 2 years old. I had a home once and they thought I was the bomb! The only problem was that th
e neighbors had this ginormously huge four-legged beast that whinnied and neighed at me and I, thinking that some sort of mutant dog had landed, may have been a bit snarky toward it. Of course, I was just doing my job and protecting my family, but the neighbors didn’t think that was too neighborly of me.

While I’ve been at The Pet Connection I’ve been learning new things about myself and checking them off my list. For example, I like other dogs who will play rough and rowdy with me. Do you maybe already have a dog? It would be amazing if I could meet the pooch before I go home with you! How do I get along with people, you ask? Well, I just simply adore them. I’ve never met a stranger and I love everyone I meet. I do get so very excited sometimes that my ideal home wouldn’t have small kiddos because I might knock the littler ones over. I also listen very well, which is a huge bonus to having me as your four-legged family member. I’ve learned obedience commands and am pretty much a rock star in department. I also happen to be rather adorable.

Just look at my pictures! So, dog social (check), adorer of humans (check), good listener (check), knows commands (check), and ridiculously cute (check)! What more could you ask for in a pooch?? How about we make a deal – you help me achieve my final goal by giving me a home (no horses or cats, pretty please) and I will devote myself to loving you, unconditionally and forever.

Please text/call The Pet Connection at 913-671-7387 to find out more about me, Ember!

To adopt Ember, fill out an application here:
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