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LET'S HELP BUDDY!!! This gorgeous dog has been in the pound for the longest time ever...8 months! He lived the first year of his life on a chain which was usually hung up on something so he could never move far...even to get to food and water. He came to the pound and within a month he was adopted. However, when he was returned after several weeks, he was a different dog... started getting protective of the five-pound people he adored and the pound territory. He appeared very fearful and wary of strangers approaching him. Consequently, he was never adopted again. The Pet Connection Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Center in Beloit, Kansas agreed to take Buddy into their program when they had an opening. He's doing great. He loves his ball. He likes to play fetch. He knows a lot of basic commands and he gets along great with other dogs. If you would like to make a Pet Connection, please text/call 913-671-7387
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